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Hey, I am so glad you made it here!

I want to welcome you to Living Simply Rich.
I want to tell you that here at Living Simply Rich, you get the goods.
Here we will tell you how to live simply rich even if you do not have deep pockets……for now!

Living Simply Rich will teach you how to save money, make money (by just changing up some things you do daily and it it No big deal), being a bit more green, and having fun while doing it.

After those simple steps; we can show you how to repair, rebuild, and beef up that bad thing called the credit report. No need to be nervous….it is not that hard with our step by step instructions, relax.
Also we can show you how to actually make money from home…..true blue style. No hype, no scams, no crap.
I, Rochelle Marie, have weeded out all of those gurus and their systems that, uh, really only make them money.
Our goal is for you and your family to live financially less stressed and that is what we are about at Living Simply Rich.
I, Rochelle Marie, want to welcome you again to Living Simply Rich.